Case Type: Productivity Science

Integrated Planning Logistics Model

Implemented a predictive simulation model that determined the logistics requirements for a copper smelter every week. The simulation integrated production plans and maintenance schedules at the smelter with arrival and departure times for the vessels at the port to work out the road and rail logistics requirements.

Tactical Planning Models

Developed a set of value stream and value driver tree models for various mines for a mining client. These models were designed to identify system bottlenecks, determine system throughput, and test various ‘What-if’ scenarios as part of the business improvement processes for the client.

Working Capital Prediction Model

Configured a model to dynamically simulate the flow of concentrate from the client’s mines in Western Australia, through to the processing plants in China factoring in the multiple modes of transport along the way. The model determined the working capital requirements across the value chain.

Plant Design Validation

Configured a model to dynamically simulate the flow of material, in detail, through the modules for a new lithium plant. The model was designed to identify any systemic issues within the plant layout, specifically within the realm of buffer sizing and equipment utilisation.

In-Shift Production Optimisation

Developed and deployed a solution for a gold miner to use to optimise gold production in the event of unplanned stoppages in the plant. The tool utilises real-time data to determine the optimal set points to run the plant at, factoring in the various operational and metallurgical constraints.

Load and Haul Traffic Orchestration

Derived and tested the impact of orchestrating haul truck traffic within open-pit mine operations. Productivity inefficiencies due to congestion were identified and strategies to address them were simulated resulting in double-digit percentage increases in throughput.