Smelter Operator Training

VR training around the operating procedures of the smelter mud gun including inspection, drilling, tapping, lancing and filling . Trainees are introduced to the hazards and processes associated with the work, in a virtual environment. The project reduces risk to personnel and equipment, reduces disruptions in the field for training, and expedites operator experience gain.

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New Mining Methods

A fully animated and narrated 3D experience, showing proposed new mining methods and equipment. The 3D video experience shows intangible concepts that are otherwise difficult to convey and showed the value the project could unlock to upper management, leading to it being green-lit.

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Tactical Planning Models

Developed a set of value stream and value driver tree models for various mines for a mining client. These models were designed to identify system bottlenecks, determine system throughput, and test various ‘What-if’ scenarios as part of the business improvement processes for the client.

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Plant Design Validation

Configured a model to dynamically simulate the flow of material, in detail, through the modules for a new lithium plant. The model was designed to identify any systemic issues within the plant layout, specifically within the realm of buffer sizing and equipment utilisation.

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