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Our team of engineers, operations research professionals, data engineers, simulation specialists and data scientists are dedicated to improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of business, production, and processing operations.

Productivity Science is able to

Maximise Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) through better asset configuration and utilisation

Maximise Production volumes through better operational planning and constraint management

Maximise OEE potential through better operational efficiencies and coordination

Reduce variability in key activities and processes

Reduce inefficiencies during execution and short-term replanning

Reduce residual risk and wastage

Provide actionable
recommendations to maximise operational

Our value offerings
cover Process Design, Operational Planning and Execution Support

PRODUCTIVITY SCIENCE achieves this by clearly defining what productivity metrics are critical for your operation, relating the cause and effect that underpins these metrics (through Modelling, Digital Twin Simulations and Value Driver Analysis) and finally, working closely with your team to drive organisational alignment and change management by testing and evaluating options and initiatives.

Ultimately, we provide clients with the skills to derive and manage a self-sustained improvement agenda by understanding production operations in a way your competitors do not.

Specific Services and Solutions offered


Providing confidence on the business impact of commissioning new operations or making major changes to your existing operational assets, processes or resources.


Identifying the critical KPIs behind underperformance or lost opportunities, enabling your team to drive better operational improvement and planning.


Determining the most optimal production plan, taking into consideration existing resources, assets, and constraints.


Augmenting an operational controller’s ability to deliver optimally, by being informed of the next best plan when deviations or disruptions occur in the short term.

WITNESS Simulation
Modelling Software

BSC is an approved reseller of WITNESS – the most flexible, powerful, proven process simulation technology in the world.


This is the first time I have been involved in a logistics study of this nature. The rigour and credibility of the team and the range of the model results exceeded my expectations. Well don

Productivity Science - Albermarle

The team is highly motived to deliver a quality result and work hard to achieve that.

Productivity Science - Albermarle

A highly professional team and highly driven to get the job done.

Productivity Science - Anglo American

All the outputs were extremely useful in dispelling ‘urban myths’ and providing opportunities for improvement.

Productivity Science - IG Partners Pty

The solution delivered is going to add great value to our sites going forward. The technical aspect was to a very high standard, and the ability of key people in the project team to pick up and understand a complex mining process was excellent. Overall a great first project with the BSC team.

Productivity Science - Newcrest Services Pty Limited

Great team, really gets stuck in to the hard & complex tasks.

Productivity Science - BHP

The team is dynamic and has suitable technical skills assisted by a single competent project manager improving communication and understanding. The information interpretation and visualisation is of outstanding quality.

Productivity Science - Dundee Precious Metals

BSC conducted an analysis of the South Deep Gold Mine rail-bound tramming capacity to verify if it can sustain the production profile. Real-time data was used to build the analysis model and a very valuable report was delivered. I will recommend BSC as a valuable stakeholder in any mine’s success.

Productivity Science - Gold Fields

I have always been impressed with their ability to understand the scope of the problem and in turn to articulate a solution that can add value to the business.

Productivity Science - Kumba Iron Ore

Really happy with the commitment from the team. They always make sure they understand our needs and make effort to address our concerns. Always a pleasure working with BSC.

Productivity Science - Kumba Iron Ore



For the past 20 years, BSC has mastered the application of analytics and smart technology to increase business performance.

Productivity Science
Load and Haul Traffic Orchestration
Derived and tested the impact of orchestrating haul truck traffic within open-pit mine operations. Productivity inefficiencies due to congestion were identified and strategies to address them were simulated resulting in double-digit percentage increases in throughput.
Productivity Science
In-Shift Production Optimisation
Developed and deployed a solution for a gold miner to use to optimise gold production in the event of unplanned stoppages in the plant. The tool utilises real-time data to determine the optimal set points to run the plant at, factoring in the various operational and metallurgical constraints.
Productivity Science
Plant Design Validation
Configured a model to dynamically simulate the flow of material, in detail, through the modules for a new lithium plant. The model was designed to identify any systemic issues within the plant layout, specifically within the realm of buffer sizing and equipment utilisation.
Productivity Science
Working Capital Prediction Model
Configured a model to dynamically simulate the flow of concentrate from the client’s mines in Western Australia, through to the processing plants in China factoring in the multiple modes of transport along the way. The model determined the working capital requirements across the value chain.
Productivity Science
Tactical Planning Models
Developed a set of value stream and value driver tree models for various mines for a mining client. These models were designed to identify system bottlenecks, determine system throughput, and test various ‘What-if’ scenarios as part of the business improvement processes for the client.
Productivity Science
Integrated Planning Logistics Model
Implemented a predictive simulation model that determined the logistics requirements for a copper smelter every week. The simulation integrated production plans and maintenance schedules at the smelter with arrival and departure times for the vessels at the port to work out the road and rail logistics requirements.