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Our team of qualified analysts, data scientists, software and data engineers, use applied analytics to develop solutions that address real world business problems, ensuring that your strategic and commercial goals are attained.

With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we apply scientific rigour to understand and interpret the market dynamics and customer behaviour of our clients, identifying opportunities and driving initiatives that maximise revenue and amplify performance.



Driver-based digital twins to establish the true causality of performance.

Segmentation &
Value Management

Machine-Learning based segmentation modelling that divides the customer base into distinct and homogenous groups to better support lifecycle management, hyper-personalization and loyalty.

Customer Value

Behavioural modelling of customers to support strategic lifecycle management through formulating, validating and actioning direct marketing and operational interventions.


Embedded analytical support to help bolster capacity and grow internal analytical capability.

Revenue Science is able to


Identify and value different segments for targeted interventions


Model and simulate customer behaviour over time to support pricing, product, and proposition design


Forecast and predict future demand and revenues


Assist with commercial modelling and business case development


Support with sales force and channel optimization and incentive structure modelling


Design, value, implement and measure personalised campaigns to:


BSC immerse themselves in the business and our operational team to truly understand not only our specific requirements but to proactively find ways to deliver additional value. Solutions are bespoke and the insights that they produce are of a consistently high standard. Their own (internal) team works like a well-oiled machine to ensure that deadlines are met.

Revenue Science - Cell C

I have worked with BSC on a number of different telco projects over many years and they are an invaluable business partner. The team I work with is totally customer-focused, proactive in their approach and a source of insight and excellence whose work I know and trust.

Revenue Science - Cell C

A second project and a brand-new team. The new team from BSC was not only pleasant to work worth but they were extremely competent and highly professional. They really provided a product that matched, and in some instances exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to working with BSC on future projects.

Revenue Science - Life Health care

From the onset the team at BSC was professional and understood our company needs. Michael and the team was always on time and with deliverables and the final product received was exactly what we required.

Revenue Science - Life Health care

 I expected to spend most of my time “hands-on” guiding and advising the BSC team on key and very technical concepts but was pleasantly surprised that the team had a very good understanding of the business and were able to easily grasp complex engineering concepts and deliver with very little supervision and oversight. This allowed me to free up my time and focus on multiple projects knowing that the BSC team were firmly in control and knew exactly what was expected of the project.

Revenue Science - Vodacom

The quality of the work is fantastic and well thought through. They are collaborative in their way of working which is always good on analytical pieces

Revenue Science - Woolworths

I must say the team are extremely malleable and articulate in understanding the jobs to be done. The fact that the team have telecommunications experience and worked in this sphere before creates a seamless experience & elevated innovative thinking passed on from the BSC team to the telco incumbents. The BSC team are enabled to elicit the pain points and transpose that into tangible meaningful outcomes. Superlative Experience Indeed!

Revenue Science - Cell C

It has been a pleasure working with the analysts and team leads from BSC. I enjoyed the innovation in analytical approaches which added to the quality of our final concepts. The assigned team members have always been professional, delivered work at high quality under pressure and have become very close to the market conditions and environmental factors affecting our business. I would recommend BSC to other businesses in technology without hesitation.

Revenue Science - Vodacom

Revenue Science achieves all this by working with client teams and configuring the optimal data science workflow for different client challenges.

This ensures we successfully industrialize our analytics and insights, and embed this into business processes, guaranteeing that our solutions are not only analytically robust but also contextual and actionable.


For the past 20 years, BSC has mastered the application of analytics and smart technology to increase business performance.

Revenue Science
Telcosurance Personalisation
Using subscriber behavioral and transactional data, prepaid customers were segmented, and targeted with different insurance offerings based on the highest probability of conversion. Additionally, usage data helped optimize contactability rates and drive better conversions.
Revenue Science
Channel Incentive Structure Modelling
Introduced a Smart Commissions framework to address prepaid rotational churn supported by a commercial model to simulate different incentive structures for channel partners. Commissions inefficiencies were resolved through redefined performance measures & targets, which resulted in a decrease in churn.
Revenue Science
Revenue Forecasting & Diagnostics
A mathematical driver-based model of the finance process was built. This allowed for improved forecasts through driver-based machine-learning & diagnostics by tracking shifts in drivers & quantifying the resultant impact, for proactive interventions across hospitals, funders, disciplines and doctors.
Revenue Science
Outbreak Detection and Alerting
Improve the ability to promptly detect outbreaks by providing the infection control teams with an automated outbreak detection solution for hospitals and wards, while also providing a better understanding of the leading contributors to infectious outbreaks.
Revenue Science
Stock-out Prediction Models
Machine-learning forecast to provide retailer with weekly product predictions across relevant SKU’s reducing the probability of stock-outs. The end-to-end process of data sourcing, integration, processing, model training & deployment into a production environment, serves 10 000 stores
Revenue Science
Early Warning Prediction System
Effective and swift responses to competitor promotional activity by identifying anomalous transactional behaviour in sales volumes, pricing & emerging SKUs at a localised level. Automated reports are distributed to operational teams to proactively combat high risk competitor activity.
Revenue Science
Customer Segmentation & Lifecycle Management
Detailed segmentation modelling to support lifecycle management, hyper-personalization and loyalty. Using the segment profiles and attributes, detailed engagement strategies were formulated and executed.
Revenue Science
Product Recommendation Engine
Simulating, forecasting & re-rating subscriber spend and usage behavior over 24 months to proactively recommend appropriate tariffs at contract renewal stage.
Revenue Science
Launch of Enterprise Product Portfolio
Helped launch a portfolio of enterprise tariffs targeted at different customer segments and verticals. This included commercial modelling, forecasting & simulation to determine optimal pricing & proposition design, to drive adoption and mitigate cannibalization from existing consumer offerings.
Revenue Science
Lead Allocation & Conversion Optimization Engine
Profiled and scored incoming calls to determine the optimal agent profile to service the lead who would have a higher likelihood to improve closing rates and overall effectiveness.
Revenue Science
Customer Insights, Modelling & Reporting
Consolidated data sources, cleaned and enriched data fields with text mining algorithms. The data was then profiled and statistically analysed to extract key insights and trends on acquisition, churn, product affinity and market penetration
Revenue Science
Developed a dynamic visit allocation solution, which prioritises visits based on localised needs of customers across a variety of strategic KPI’s. Subsequently created a route scheduling optimization model to minimize travel duration and visit days and provide weekly visit schedules to the salesforce.
Revenue Science
Product Pricing & Proposition
Pricing analytics and commercial modelling to develop two innovative propositions for Standard Bank Retail including proposition design, customer testing / validation and reporting.
Revenue Science
Segmentation & Embedded App Analytics
Blend digital banking behaviour with transactional and customer information to improve customer engagement within the digital mobile banking application.
Revenue Science
Consumer Product & Services Chatbot
A customer-facing concierge chatbot on homepage, aimed at assisting users to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. The solution aims to improve conversion by reducing drop-off of potential customers.
Revenue Science
Collections Optimization Engine
Built a collections optimization engine using machine learning to predict the likelihood of collection for a set amount on a specific date whilst minimizing collection costs.
Revenue Science
Centralised Infrastructure Logging Solution
Developed a centralised logging solution using the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack to automatically process, analyse and visualize log files, in order to diagnose infrastructure issues more efficiently and improve MTTR.
Revenue Science
Investment Management Platform
A platform to facilitate a more efficient and effective way to raise investments and capital for Green real estate globally, using a full transactional system and blockchain for increased transparency and auditability.