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Extended Reality (XR) technologies enables training solutions to impart advanced practical and cognitive competencies.

When designed correctly, XR training Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), puts a focus on the development of problem-solving skills, rather than focusing on the execution of routine tasks and theoretical knowledge.

Immersive training and technology supercharge engagement and performance with a proven 80% increase in learning retention a year after training, when compared to a more traditional learning method.

For training to add true value, meaningful insights are needed, allowing for the necessary adjustments to be made. Performance needs to be measured and analysed to show personalised feedback and shortcomings.

By combining XR technologies with telemetry, biometrics, and data science, we can:

Analyse work techniques, and identify behaviours and patterns that result in high performance, or inhibit performance

Design realistic immersive training environments that teach high performance techniques, and discourage poor behaviour and technique

Establish and quantify improvement in technique and performance in both a virtual and real-world environment, proving the value of VR training

Deliver improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness through AR solutions designed to increase productivity and give people a distinct advantage in their work environments.

The cost to scale ratio for regular individualised training can become excessive.

Training is an ongoing critical support process and requires regular refresh to remain pertinent and prevent institutional knowledge decay.

With the current COVID-19 safety considerations, in-person training can be even more costly as well as risky. By adding gamification to XR experiences, trainees are encouraged to repeat and revisit training often to for example unlock badges or improve their leaderboard standings, while the addition of virtual instructors enables unsupervised training.

Our applications are not limited to training practical skillsets. By understanding the relationships between facial expression, emotional states, and work performance, we have applied this technology to improve soft skills of both sales and service professionals.

We have even applied our understanding of these emotional aspects to help users overcome addiction, utilizing VR as the core technology. The efficacy of VR as a pain distraction tool has been well documented, including in a study performed by the medical faculty of the University of Michigan, validating the efficacy of our own VR application.

Why virtual reality?


A fully immersive 3D experience.


Hands-on experience in a safe and controlled virtual environment.


Opportunity to become completely familiar with the sights and sounds of any environment.

Virtual Reality Training, Assessment and Content Management Solution.

HazID provides an easy-to-use, low cost platform, which allows companies to capture and manage 360° content of their own working environments, with pre-built functionality to enrich it for safety, orientation & assessment purposes. No coding experience required.


Very Positive will continue working with the team in the future.

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BSC delivered a technical excellent solution perfectly tailored to my budget. I felt at any stage that the customer is king.

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Very positive. Extremely professional, good project management and technical capabilities.

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One thing that stood out for me was the prompt and business-like approach from the team, the team understood us and helped us to achieve what we wanted. Consistent and high quality service

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An exciting project looking at how technology advances leanings in our industry, especially when it comes to working in dangerous environments. Creating scenarios where incidents can be experienced. I believe in your work and from what I have seen so far it’s so impressive and the people know what they are expected to do.

Reality Science - Anglo American Platinum

Enjoyable to work with such a professional team. Communication and progress representation throughout were appreciated.

Reality Science - Anglo American Platinum

Positive, the engagements and support from your team were great, and the continuous feedback was appreciated

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The team is very professional and always available to assist.

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For the past 20 years, BSC has mastered the application of analytics and smart technology to increase business performance.

Reality Science
Underground Barring Training
A Mixed Reality (MR) simulation of the barring activity wherein the trainee uses real equipment but is exposed to virtual risks. Effective training time reduced by 90%, resulting in increased productivity and decreased overhead costs associated with training.
Reality Science
Electrical and Plumbing Training
Gamified VR modules where learners must perform tasks such as site inspection and planning of materials and working time; preparation of an installation plan and cost estimate; carrying out installations with the planned materials and tools. Focus on the development of problem-solving skills.
Reality Science
Pain Therapy and Meditation
A VR experience, providing a guided visualisation of the impact of how to leverage correct breathing during meditation. The experience has been used to demonstrate the effectiveness of VR-based meditative intervention in reducing pain ratings and modulating pain neuromatrix activity and connectivity among opioid use disorder (OUD) patients.
Reality Science
New Mining Methods
A fully animated and narrated 3D experience, showing proposed new mining methods and equipment. The 3D video experience shows intangible concepts that are otherwise difficult to convey and showed the value the project could unlock to upper management, leading to it being green-lit.
Reality Science
Investment Education
A VR experience to address the importance of saving and explain the concept of compound interest. The VR experience is used at corporate wellness days to attract interest and encourage participants to make a call to action, for example electing to be contacted by a financial counsellor. Greatly increased engagement and interest at wellness days.
Reality Science
Smelter Operator Training
VR training around the operating procedures of the smelter mud gun including inspection, drilling, tapping, lancing and filling . Trainees are introduced to the hazards and processes associated with the work, in a virtual environment. The project reduces risk to personnel and equipment, reduces disruptions in the field for training, and expedites operator experience gain.