Planning Science

Strategic Portfolio Planning

A portfolio optimisation solution that modelled the production and economics of a portfolio of mining assets and the processing value chain, from mine to market, for a major Platinum operator. This provided an enhanced decision support capability through rapid scenario generation by allowing flexing of underlying operational driver, commercial contracts and macro-economics.

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Rolling Forecast

Developed a rolling forecast model that allowed the Financial Planning and Analysis team to report a monthly rolling forecast for the group, perform Budget vs Actual analysis, evaluate and quantify the causes of deviations, create multiple scenarios to stress test plans and generate amended Budgets for approval.

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Group Integrated Planning

A fully integrated model including stochastic analysis, that provides an understanding of group risk exposure by using the variability in key drivers to calculate a confidence in achieving the Business Plan at Business Unit and Group level. This facilitated meaningful communication to shareholders and market analysts, providing assurance of the likelihood of meeting targets and

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Rolling Forecast

This solution provided the bank with an intimate understanding of their key drivers of financial performance and the impact a change on any of these key drivers would have on their future through comprehensive scenario planning. It then used this information to ensure the bank would remain compliant and continue to adhere to regulations in

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Integrated Business Planning

An Integrated Business Planning model combining operational drivers across the Copper mining and processing value streams with site- and macro-level financial drivers to yield a financial forecast and . This allowed for production planning, bottleneck analysis and studies on business case and capital investment profitability.

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