Revenue Science

Investment Management Platform

A platform to facilitate a more efficient and effective way to raise investments and capital for Green real estate globally, using a full transactional system and blockchain for increased transparency and auditability.

Centralised Infrastructure Logging Solution

Developed a centralised logging solution using the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack to automatically process, analyse and visualize log files, in order to diagnose infrastructure issues more efficiently and improve MTTR.

Collections Optimization Engine

Built a collections optimization engine using machine learning to predict the likelihood of collection for a set amount on a specific date whilst minimizing collection costs.

Consumer Product & Services Chatbot

A customer-facing concierge chatbot on homepage, aimed at assisting users to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. The solution aims to improve conversion by reducing drop-off of potential customers.

Segmentation & Embedded App Analytics

Blend digital banking behaviour with transactional and customer information to improve customer engagement within the digital mobile banking application.

Product Pricing & Proposition

Pricing analytics and commercial modelling to develop two innovative propositions for Standard Bank Retail including proposition design, customer testing / validation and reporting.


Developed a dynamic visit allocation solution, which prioritises visits based on localised needs of customers across a variety of strategic KPI’s. Subsequently created a route scheduling optimization model to minimize travel duration and visit days and provide weekly visit schedules to the salesforce.

Customer Insights, Modelling & Reporting

Consolidated data sources, cleaned and enriched data fields with text mining algorithms. The data was then profiled and statistically analysed to extract key insights and trends on acquisition, churn, product affinity and market penetration

Launch of Enterprise Product Portfolio

Helped launch a portfolio of enterprise tariffs targeted at different customer segments and verticals. This included commercial modelling, forecasting & simulation to determine optimal pricing & proposition design, to drive adoption and mitigate cannibalization from existing consumer offerings.